NOVEMBER 11-22 , 2020


The 100hr Yin Yoga & Meridians Teacher Training is designed to develop skillful and soulful Yin yoga teachers. We welcome 200hr or 500hr yoga teachers and those who simply are passionate about physical, emotional, and spiritual self-growth. 

This Yin yoga teacher training focuses primarily on emotional and spiritual growth through the understanding of our physical composition. We begin with looking at our current limited beliefs and welcome the potential of infinite growth through study of anatomy & physiology, Chinese meridians system, energy work, pranayama, meditation, Qi Gong, different philosophical approaches on worldview, nutrition, and self-care. 


There are two essential pillars that we emphasize on while providing you the important techniques to lead intelligent and soulful Yin yoga classes. The first pillar is to have a thorough understanding of our unique skeletal differences, how fascia works and how our physiology affects our emotional growth. The second pillar is to simulate spiritual expansion through self-awareness and self-love. These two fundamental pillars are your building blocks in becoming an insightful Yin yoga teacher.


The 100hr Yin yoga teacher training program is very theoretical as well as practical. In addition to learning the theory of the ancient Chinese meridians system and anatomy & physiology, you will also learn how to design your own intelligent Yin yoga sequence, Yin poses variations & modifications, leading Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep), and apply Thai Acupressure massage & adjustments. 


One of the most important aspects of teaching Yin yoga is your ability to hold space in silence and as well through story-telling. In this training, you will learn the fine art of how to guide your students energetically onto a transcendental Yin yoga journey. 


To expand our physical and emotional growth takes courage and vulnerability. We’ve created a safe space for you to shed away your worldly identities and allow your true self to shine bright!

This training is accredited by:

Yoga Alliance US Continuing Education Units


  • Daily practice of yin yoga, Qi Gong, pranayama & meditation.

  • Evening practice of Yoga Nidra: The True Relaxation Technique.

  • All-level Yang yoga (Vinyasa flow) practices to counter Yin energy.

  • Exercise theory of yin yoga.

  • The fundamentals of TCM, Yin Yang theory, the functions and disharmonies of Qi.

  • The 12 regular meridian pathways, their associated emotions, colours, sounds, and taste.

  • The 5 elements- Essential pillar of TCM diagnosis.

  • Interactions of the 5 elements and association with common psychosomatic disorders.

  • Intro to the 8 extraordinary vessels.

  • Skeletal Differences: Tension vs Compression.

  • Skeletal Analysis: The 13 main compartments.

  • Myofascial meridians & myofascial release techniques.

  • Leaning into your physical and emotional edges.

  • Postural clinic.

  • Yoga philosophy & the Eight Limbs Path.

  • Buddhist philosophy: Karma & Emptiness.

  • Intro to essential acupressures points and learn how to use them for common issues, injuries, and flexibility.

  • The art of touch: fundamentals of applying acupressure.

  • Microcosmic Orbit, Vipassana & Anapanasati meditation.

  • Learn the art of holding silence when leading a yin class.

  • Purposeful sequencing.

  • The art of leading yin class: storytelling & guided meditation.

  • Advanced sequencing method.

    • Infusing yang movements in a yin sequence.

    • Mandala method.

    • Qigong and pranayama infusion.

    • Counter poses for physical and energetic releases.

  • Savasana adjustment with Thai acupressure.

  • Leading your own Yoga Nidra.

  • Practical teaching: Group and one-on-one classes.

  • Personal teaching feedback.

  • Group presentation & workshop design.

  • Ethics of yoga teaching.


The schedule is subject to change. Your flexibility will allow us to create the best schedule possible for you.


6:30 – 7:30am ~ Optional Vinyasa flow Classes with Aaron

7:30 - 9:30am ~ Morning yin, pranayama, meditation, chanting, Qi Gong practice

9:30 - 11:00am ~ Breakfast

11:00 - 1:00pm ~ Theory lecture

1:00 - 2:00pm ~ Lunch

2:00 - 4:00pm ~ Anatomy

4:00 - 6:00pm ~ Postural clinic

6:00-6:30pm ~ Sunset break

6:30 - 7:30pm ~ Evening yin or yoga nidra

7:30 - 8:30pm ~ Dinner together

Include in training (no additional cost)

Pachamama ceremony

Experience a true Andean ritual! Give thanks to Mother Earth (or the Pachamama) with the guidance of a Shaman, an Andean priest. The Pachamama Offering ceremony is part of a system of reciprocity between the material world and the spiritual world and seeks to give back to the Earth all that it has given us. According to Andean beliefs, it helps establish balance in our lives. During the Pachamama Ceremony we can ask for our most desired wishes, what we dream for our future, and what we want for our loved ones.

Kinsa Cocha Lakes

A spiritual pilgrimage to Paru-Paru the highest community (4200m) in Pisac, where we will engage ourselves in a round walk around the three lakes surrounded by beautiful mountains that hold a deal space for meditation. An opportunity also to meet the local people of the community and share with them local organic dishes and see the most representative kinds of potatoes from over more than thousand varieties that are grown here in the Sacred Valley.


There will be one day off during the program. On this day off, we have arranged an optional half day excursion for you to the ruins near to the hotel.

Optional: Pisac Ruins (additional cost - $50USD)

The Pisac Ruins are reputed to be the second most sacred site in Peru aside from Machu Picchu. If you look at the Pisac Ruins from the town (and tilt your head and squint a little), the agricultural terraces running up from town and into the ruins all form the shape of a huge condor, which is a very significant animal in Andean cosmology. These ruins are reputed to have served military, agricultural, and religious purposes. 



$ 1399 USD Early Bird Rate until August 15th, 2020

$ 1699 USD Regular Bird August 16th, 2020 onward.

*Prices are in US dollars.

* Once accepted into the training, a $500 non-refundable deposit is due to reserve your spot. Remaining balance is due 45 days before arrival.

* Tuition and accommodations are priced separately. Look below for further details on accommodations.

* Cost-includes manual & instructions.


Located at the feet of Apu Intihuatana, Pisac´s main archaeological site, in the Sacred Valley.  You will have surrounded by beautiful mountains and within a holistic yoga and medicine community.

Nidra Wasi, opens the space for all walks of life to connect with the spirit of this land and engage themselves in all kinds of healing practices. They provide mountain view accommodation, in a safe and healthy container for self-transformation.  Nidra have wide green areas, vegan & vegetarian restaurant and spa services.


Hotel room is separate from the tuition. Please see the rates and options below:

Triple shared room - $ 560 USD per person

Features comfortable twin beds and private bathroom.


Double room- $ 625 USD per person

Features comfortable twin beds and private bathroom.


Private room - $ 820 USD single occupancy 

Features comfortable queen bed and private bathroom.


All prices include 11 nights accommodations + 3 vegetarian meals each day + taxes. 

Check in: november 11th from 3:00 pm (include dinner).

Check out: november 22th until 10:30 am (include breakfast).


Upon successful completion of the 100hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training, you'll receive a 100hr Yoga Alliance certification and can be applied as Continue Education Units (CEU). You must attend all contact-hours and achieve satisfactory course work to graduate.

All contact hours must be attended to receive certification. No make-up sessions are permitted.



Annie is an international yoga teacher leading training in Mexico, Abu Dhabi, France, Australia, Canada, Thailand and Bali. Eternally grateful, Annie has studied with Sri Dharma Mittra and has attended the 500hr and 800hr Life of a Yogi Teacher Training (LOAY) in New York City in 2015 and 2016. Annie has also studied and teach Dharma, Rocket, and Vinyasa Yoga. Through her spiritual journey, Annie found healing in Yin yoga and Chinese medicine. From her heart, she designed an integrative Yin Yoga and Chinese Meridians teacher training infusing the ancient wisdom of Daoism, traditional Chinese medicine, and Yoga/Buddhist philosophy. Annie holds a Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia, Canada. Specializes in yoga anatomy, Annie’s easy to understand teaching method in yoga anatomy helps students to better understand the human body and therefore practice more intelligently. Annie can lead a dynamic class filled with inversions with a duality of restorative and healing yin sequences. 



A personal trainer, body transformation health coach and yoga teacher, Aaron is a motivator of finding a healthy balance in your everyday life.  Growing up, Aaron was extremely overweight which led him to make a drastic change in his life. He spent countless hours researching and spent over nine years perfecting his knowledge in the fitness field while mastering every training method and diet possible. 

In additional to Aaron’s expertise in bodybuilding and nutrition, he is an inspiring yoga instructor who uplifts his students to meet their fullest potential. Although he first tried yoga for its physical benefits, Aaron soon experienced the mental benefits yoga has to offer. He loves Yoga philosophy which he uses everyday and encourages those around him to practice daily mindfulness.


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